Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mojo - wherefore art thou?

Can't seem to generate any interest in my knitting, haven't been able to since we got back from the UK. Maybe it's because I'm so stressed about selling/buying/moving homes. I really need to just pick up my sock and knit a few stitches. My mojo is gone for the moment.


Moving - synonymous for torture. We've been in the house for about a week and a half, and right now it's disorganized chaos. Well, maybe not as much as it was a week ago. I have unpacked all the boxes for the master bedroom (Yay, I have clothes again!), and that room looks pretty normal. Still need to put the pictures up on the wall in there. What I don't understand is why the packers would put the bag that goes on the leaf sucker machine in a box that was marked for the "master br". No wonder we couldn't find it in the garage. lol

The kitchen is also just about done. It would be more done if I could find the box that has the silverware and plates in it. I have glasses and bowls, and most utensils, but the drawer at the old house that had the silverware in it has not yet shown up in any box marked "kitchen". We'll probably find it in about six months in a box labeled "garage". Oy.

So far I'd say we've had more issues than we should have had with the house, and that's not very thrilling. But I do believe it will all work out in the end, I just have to get through these birthing pains.

We've met the neighbors on both sides of us, and two folks across from us. Got an invite to a Christmas tree decorating gathering from the lady across the street this Saturday evening. :) I'm taking cookies. :)