Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby Sweater

Cast on July 13, finished July 30. Not too shabby, considering I wasn't able to work on it every day. :) I washed and dried it and it came out wonderful, perfect for a busy mom who won't have time to hand wash and block a sweater when Baby No. 2 comes along.

I also started and finished, except for weaving in of ends, the first bootie for a co-worker's new baby. Pictures when it's done.

Also went to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight -- totally enjoyed it!!! I thought it stayed true to the book in a way most movies don't manage to. `

Monday, July 18, 2011


We put the deck in our back yard about 7 or 8 years ago, by the sweat and effort of our entire family: hubby, me, and both kiddos. It's been a wonderful deck and many parties have boogied on its boards. Over the last few years, though, some of the wood has begun to snowshoe up and need replacing. This the hubster began yesterday. In the heat. The 103 to 104 degree heat of Oklahoma. Yeah, that was fun.

The new boards won't look that new for long, not in this weather.

Here's what he accomplished tonight, the finished edge looks so nice:

He's working on the other end now.

And done!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Headstone complete

My brother has done a completely marvelous job of handling all the details of our father's estate. As a little girl I adored my big brother, and the qualities that made a little sister love her brother only improved as he got older; he's a wonderful person. We don't see each other that often, but the feelings of family are always there.

And now, it really sorta feels like the chapter is finished and the book can be closed. The headstone is engraved and things are ..... at rest.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yarn and its healing properties

When you're feeling down, doesn't picking up a fresh skein of yarn make you feel better? When things look dark and sad, doesn't diving into and fondling your stash, looking at the gorgeous colors and caressing the different textures, just make you start smiling? And doesn't a visit to your LYS make most days brighter? Yep, Yep, and Yep!

I visited Loops today and purchased a kit to make a baby sweater for the new UK squidlet due in October.

That white blob on the lower left is the batting for the frog toy.

I also have made progress on my second Classic Lines Cardigan, although I guess I should start calling it the Classic Lines Sweater, since I won't steek this one. This yarn is really much browner that it appears in the image - annoyed with the greenish tinge that appeared. humpfh

KnitPicks Shadow Lace in Oregon Coast Heather

And last but not least, we finished the staircase not too long ago. It is Beautiful.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Radio silence......

I'm sorry I've been so silent lately. So much going on, so little umph to actually do anything. Feeling odd and out of sorts lately, have a lot on my mind..... I have actually done some knitting: started on the second sleeve of my modified Classic Lines Cardigan. It's going rather well and the doubled laceweight is heavenly to work with.

I'm hoping for some changes in the very near future. There are opportunities in the offing for hubby and me, possibly out of state, but that means changes and upheavals here at home. I'm ready for changes, but all of them? Maybe not so much....

What I need is, would like, is a sign to help point us on the right road. I don't like living in limbo, I very much so like to know what's on the game plan. This is putting my innards in a state of turmoil, I'm antsy, feeling like I'm going to burst - I need the next step to happen so I can begin planning. Inaction is going to be the death of me.