Thursday, August 21, 2008

All moved in

Yesterday, Hubby and I helped our son move into his apartment for college. He's a junior this year, has done both the dorm/frat house gigs, and decided that this year he'd like a place of his own. The apartment is about 600 sq ft, very clean and nice, and I think he'll do just fine there.

He and his dad put together a tv stand unit.

He took his bed from home, but decided against the headboard that matches the chest of drawers.

No dinette set yet, but he may actually eat at the coffee table.

The kitchen is tiny, but how much room does he really need? I couldn't believe how clean the oven and fridge were!! The whole apartment was more than acceptable.

(Dad relaxing after the move.) This couch was donated to the cause by Roger's girlfriend's family. She and they are so very nice, we like them a lot. They're good people.

I'm so excited for Roger. This is a big step in his life: having to make a budget to pay bills on time (rent, utilities, then food, in that order), having his own space, answering to himself only. While it can be kinda overwhelming, what an adventure this will be!!!


Knifty Knitter said...

Yeah for your son! I know so many college guys who hang on to living at home or with friends that it is refreshing to see a guy *wanting* to be on his own.

DragonsChest said...

Thank you! We are very proud of him and know he'll do great.

He and his girlfriend went grocery shopping for both their apartments, and I'm sure she saw to it that he bought healthy food as well as convenience food.

By George said...

HEY Dragony's KID!