Monday, November 17, 2008

Willistead is finished and steam blocked. Finally! The knitting for work is done. Hubby took my MIL's Hamsa scarf to the post office today, and it's winging to the UK, just in time for Christmas.

I love my White Witch mitts, they were the very first mittens I had ever done, and stranded, no less. Very pleased with them. They were knit in KnitPicks Telemark, and despite 100% wool, not itchy or scratchy at all. But.... even though my fingers are already warmer in the wool than they've ever been in any of the other mittens/gloves I've ever tried, I could still feel some windage sneaking in around the fingertips. So this last weekend I tried something that was only a nebulous thought in my head. Certainly not a new idea, but new to me.

I know about knitting mitten liners, and had even entertained buying cashmere to make the liners, until fiscal responsibility reared its ugly head. And the thought of actually knitting another whole mitten to go inside the other put me off, a bit. So I made a fingertip lining for them out of stash KP Palette. A few rows above the thumb hole, I picked up stitches on the wrong side of the mitt, and proceeded to knit up the fingers, decreases and all in the proper places. Turned right side out, you can't even tell I picked up stitches, or that there's any extra bulk at all!!

I tried them this morning, in the high 30-degree temps and Oklahoma wind, and no windage got to my fingers. Warm and toasty, they were. Happy, am I.

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