Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finish line just a thumb away!

I finished the second Sea Minerals Mitten last night, with the exception of the thumb, which I totally forgot to knit with the waste yarn. Absolutely forgot. So instead of a peasant thumb, it will become an afterthought. Otherwise it's just a sock without a heel for your hand! This particular pair of mitts will go to my son's girlfriend.

KnitPicks has an adorable freebie download that I may also try to knock out before Christmas: the Cathedral Purse. This could be a good stash buster project. No promises, just a thought that if I have the time......

Isn't it cute? This is the pic off the website, using their Shine Sport yarn.


The Knifty Knitter said...

Cathedral purse is super cute!

By George said...

I downloaded that too.. that is just so cute/pretty etc.

I love browsing the free patterns at Knit Picks.

thanks for the post over at my place. (((((hugs))))