Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fill 'er up!

Onslow has gone through his first tank of gas. It was 98% in town driving, with a few trips to downtown Tulsa thrown into the mix. He went 325.3 miles and he slurped 13.8 gallons of gas. (I did drive him until his little pointer was on the dry side of the red marker. Onslow was a thirsty boy.) That's 23.5 mpg. And it only cost $36 for a premium fill-up. Much improved over what the Behemoth used to cost, bless it's van-y soul.

I'm pretty happy with 23.5 mpg. I would think that more highway driving would increase this figure dramatically, but I drive mostly in town not highway, what with me taking the bus to work and all.

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