Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Destruction ensues

Hubby and I gutted our dressing room. It's something we've wanted to do since we moved into this house back in 1999. It had a hideous brown laminate countertop going from wall to wall, with a brown cast iron sink (which disappeared when we tossed it at the side of the curb), and wallpaper that made me cringe everytime I looked at it.

See the wallpaper? Embossed floral. Not my cup of tea. This was the same pattern the previous owners used in the entry hall. It's going to be replaced with a patterned wallpaper designed to be painted, and we'll use the yellow scheme from the rest of the house.

The new countertop will be delivered tomorrow, it's a lovely varigated green that will tie in with the bedroom colors nicely. Hubby has to re-plumb everything so that we can go from the old one-bowl setup to the new two-bowl design. It's a flat slab of material that he'll drill the drainholes into, so the new frosted glass sinks can sit on top of the counter, and not be sunk down into it. I'm very excited about this!

The cabinetry is white, which should set off beautifully the wooden flooring we'll continue on in from the bedroom through the dressing room. (We finished putting the wooden flooring down in the bedroom about a month ago.)

Our plan is to have this all finished before the in-laws arrive for their visit next month. They come all the way from England, and stay for about a month; it will be nice for them to be able to enjoy the new dressing room.

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