Sunday, April 4, 2010

Now comes the hard part

This is the Presto Chango by Valerie Wallis. While the little one it's destined for is only 5 days old, it's a size 6 months, so he's got a while to grow.

I used one ball of KnitPicks Organic Simply Cotton Worsted in Toffee for the body and it wasn't enough. And since necessity is the mother of invention (and I was too impatient to order another ball), I improvised. The removable panel is Simply Cotton's Malted Milk, and to tie it into the sweater body, I single crocheted around the edges and side/underarm seams.

I think it's quite nice together.

All that's left to do is decide on the buttons, and that's really the hard part. Do you know how many different kinds of buttons there are in the world? All the colors and textures to be had? It's mind boggling. It's a-button shopping I must go, though. And here's why:

There are eight buttonholes that need filling.

I enjoyed this pattern so much I think I'll go stash diving and see if I have enough of anything to make a few more.


The Knifty Knitter said...

So cute! I have a long languishing presto chango that needs seaming and some buttons as well.

DragonsChest said...

It was a really quick knit, I thought, and very satisfying in the end.