Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Welcome, 2012. You promise to be a bright and shiny new start to a whole new year of opportunities. I'm rather pumped about it all.

Today Hubby and I visited our favorite breakfast place in our new hometown: Virginia Kitchen. They already know us and what we like to drink, and usually what we want to eat. Then we went to Lowe's to pick up a few items to install new wood blinds in our bedroom. We made one more stop after that. One that changed a lot of things.

We stopped at PetsMart to look at the adoptable kitties. We've moved into our house enough to be ready for new family members. We found a brother/sister pair, and brought them home. The boy is a sweety and very vocal, adventurous, and seems like he'll fit in well. The girl is still under the couch. We did extract her once, and she lacerated me before going back to hide again. It's early days, she's scared, and we understand that she isn't at all sure about this place, nor the big black dog who just wants to sniff her up one side and down the other. Hopefully she'll come out in the next day or so, and prove to be a good fit.

Both the kids enjoyed their New Year's, Roger with his girlfriend Chelsea and their group of friends call the Pent (there are five of them, plus the newly added two husbands of two of the gals), and Katie with her boyfriend Dillon and his family. So happy they all had a safe and happy new year's celebration. Hubby and I spent a quiet evening in, watching the DIY Disaster Renovation Realities marathon, eating pizza, and drinking various beers.

May 2012 be good to us all, and good to the earth.

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Barby said...

So now that you have been in the house a while, and had the kittens for a bit, how is everything going? It sounds like you are meshing with your new community. Be well and have a lovely day.