Thursday, February 7, 2008


Hubby likes his Pirate Hat, and that makes me happy. Woot! Bonus points to me that it actually fit first time, and is snug enough that it won't come off by accident, even when he scrabbles under cars to work on them.

I think that the weaving technique I used (learned from the Philosopher's Wool site, which I love, by the way) might be better suited to garments that have little need to stretch. Perhaps with this hat I should have floated all the color changes, instead of weaving them in: the skulls are a bit distorted when being worn, and not so much when just being admired in the hand. Ah well, it was a fun fun knit, and I enjoyed it.

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Emma said...

It looks awesome! Glad he likes it and the fit is good. Congratulations!