Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ooo Arrr, Matey!

Hubby is always very supportive of my knitting projects; he'll take time to look at what I'm doing, comment on colors, patterns, stitches, but has not yet shown any desire for me to actually knit him anything. That's changed. This last weekend Hubby asked me for a ski cap, because the cold Oklahoma winter winds, you know, the ones that come sweeping down the plains, make his ears ache. Joy! I could now knit him something and know that he would like it. (oh, that "joy" wasn't that his ears ache, but that I could justify starting another project before the others were done. LOL)

I've always wanted to try the They Call Them Pirates hat and now was my chance. (I've done colorwork before, it's not new to me, although it's been awhile.) Hubby likes skulls, but since he originally asked for a plain hat, I altered the pattern a bit and only did the first repeat of skulls. Didn't want to overdose him on piratey goodness. I started this Sunday, during the Superbowl, and will finish it tonight; only need to do the lining bit and it's done.

I had made a bit of progress on the Cinnabar Pullover before being sidetracked by Pirate Skulls, and now I'm into the body of the sweater.

That's about 3 1/4 inches of linen stitch banding.

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