Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bus Rider

It now costs over $60 to fill my van with gas, and it's taking too much of a bite out of the budget. So........ I did it! I took the bus to work today.

There's a park and ride about two miles from my house. It's the express route from Broken Arrow to downtown Tulsa, about a 30 minute ride. I talked with my seat mate and found out from her all the ins and outs of how to ride the bus, where to get the express tickets so I don't have to use cash when boarding, the best stop to use to get me closest to work,.... just about everything. Karen is her name, and she was very nice.

The bus is a 40 seater, and all but two were taken. Karen said she has been riding for almost a year now, and she's seen the ridership go up steadily. I can believe it. There will be more and more folks who feel the pinch of high gas prices turning to public transportation.

This will be a huge savings to the budget, which in turn can go towards the debt snowball, paying it down faster.

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