Monday, June 2, 2008

Beauty and Duty

Stage two of the canna bloom I've been watching:

Fully opened:

Isn't it a Beauty???

And now for the Duty. For the last 45 years, which is all my life, I've never been called for jury duty. It's caught up with me. But not just any jury duty, oh no. This is for the United States District Court Northern District of Oklahoma. It's for two months, "on call", beginning today. Every preceeding Friday, I have to call in, or logon to their website, enter my juror number, and report when and if the machine tells me to.

It told me to. I have to report tomorrow at 12:15 p.m. and please bring a picture ID. I am theirs for two months, tied to their reporting machine for June and July. Even though I've been called for tomorrow, I might not get chosen, but I'm still theirs to call again and again, until the end of July. I'm a jury prisoner.

Good thing I hadn't planned on actually going anywhere or trying to overly enjoy myself this summer! Grrrr. At least my job won't make me take vacation time to do this civic duty, they allow for jury duty.

Oh, and the most frightening aspect of this: I'm going to be a dispenser of justice!!! Me! Muahahahahahaha!

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