Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lethal weapons

The fellow sitting next to me on the bus today remarked at how pointy and sharp my KnitPicks Harmony Options looked (well, he just said "needles") and how they looked dangerous. I laughed a little, and replied that while yes, they were a bit pointy, they were no more pointy than a sharpened pencil. He asked lots more questions, and we had a nice chat in the end.

I don't have any dpns the right size to work on the Cobblestone Pullover's sleeve, so I bit the bullet and cast on using Magic Loop. While I've disliked that method before, this time around it clicked. I will always love my dpns first and foremost, but I can work with ML now. Thank you Cobblestone Pullover Sleeve No.1! :)

Yesterday's mail brought me my Antique Rose laceweight merino yarn from Fearless Fibers, so last night I cast on for the first of two Christmas scarves. I am using the pattern Wabenschal. Deb's yarn is proving to me that knitting with this weight yarn for lace is perfect. While I've come to a truce with the laceweight alpaca being used for my Daughter's Wings of a Dream stole, and I love the color and feel of the laceweight silk I've got on the needles for my stole Twinings, I don't LOVE knitting with "thread". I want Deb's yarn. I wuvs it. It wuvs me.

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