Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round

So I've been riding the bus for a bit over two weeks now. Lovin' it, oh yes. The gas gauge in the van, on Day 17 of no filling up, has now hit the hash under the half-way mark. How cool is that???? Usually by Day 10 the Behemoth is on fumes and gasping it's way to a pump.

Knitting is finally along for the ride. Yes, I'm Knitting In Public. The stoles I'm working on, with their charts and beads, aren't bus knitting conducive, and I have no socks on the needles. Even though the White Witch mitts are small projects, the charts, again, are a show stopper for me. So it's down to the son's Cobblestone Pullover -- I don't need the pattern for it at this point; the sweater body is basically straight (or rather round and round) knitting. It's been popped into a large ziplock baggie for safety, and I probably made about an inch's progress before my stop.

I'm a Continental knitter and my seat mate was intrigued by my holding the yarn in the "wrong hand". LOL! She said it looked easier, though, than throwing the yarn like she was recently taught. I responded that both ways are cool, you get a knitted item out of either, and if she was interested, I could teach her my method, and then left it at that. She did ask me to knit slowly so she could watch.

Altogether a pleasant ride in!

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