Monday, February 23, 2009

Captain, there be holes here!

They weren't there this morning, they weren't there when I got home this evening and put on my slippers. There weren't even there when the Daughter and I went out to run a quick errand before dinner. But they were there after dinner, when I walked across the tile floor and my heels felt the icy cold seeping up my feet. Holes. Holes in the heels of my Queen of Cups socks. A matched set no less.

Top hole is about the size of a half-dollar; the bottom sock's hole is almost a quarter.

Now I have to darn the heels, so that I can no longer do this:

I can't say that I'm disappointed in these socks, after all, I knitted them in Nov 2007. They've done very well indeed. Now, to pick up the darning needle and let the healing (or heeling!) begin!!

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Nanette said...

I feel your pain. I once bought some uber expensive merino sock yarn and wore holes in them the first week I had them! Yikes.