Saturday, January 16, 2010

Houston, we are no go, I repeat, no go

Nope, the wing can't be reattached and saved. I was able to thread the lifeline along the side of the middle section with no problem.

Then I began to cut the linking threads, one by one. As I went, I tried to pick up each stitch with a lifeline. The "uh, this ain't gonna work" feeling began shortly thereafter.

Due to the way the wing is built up on the middle section, on an angle, I had no line of live stitches to pick up. Each little fringe bit knit back into the row itself. Even if I had been able to pick up and begin knitting, those fringes would be there, with no way to really hide them.

Luckily, I have plenty of yarn and beads left, so it's off to re-knit. This time, I'll put the wing on the right way up!!!

The holes were successfully repaired, so at least I have that to keep my spirits up.

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