Saturday, December 18, 2010

We have Tile!!

The backerboard has a built in grid system printed on it that made penciling in the tile design a snap!

And yes! We have light fixtures now. It's very bright and welcoming. The picture doesn't relay how bright it really is in there now.

Finally we have begun laying the tile. Taking a break for dinner and then hopefully we'll finish the tile tonight so we can grout tomorrow.

I do have a bit of fibery fun to show off. Way back in 1991 I bought two kits from a craft store, at the end of September. My thoughts were that I would complete one kit in October and one in November. I did accomplish this, and my kids have used these stockings every year since. And yes, the stockings are hung by the fireplace this year, too, even though my kids are now 23 and 20. Santa still visits this house.

Made from felt and hand cut/pieced together, with all the sequins and beads hand sewn on to the designs.

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VCFibers said...

I'm 27 and Santa still visits my parent's house :)