Friday, January 7, 2011

Classic Lines Cardigan is done!

This has been a long time in coming. I joined the KAL on May 2, 2009. For a while I kept up with the knitting and was on track. Then, life kicked in, and other knitting projects wooed me away from what was endless rounds of lace weight stockinette. I would put it away for lengths at a time, come back and knit for a bit, only to put it away again. I even had to order another skein of the master color to finish.

But today, I have finished it as it was intended to be: a buttonless steeked cardigan. I'm going to purchase a batch of hook and eye closures so that I have the option of wearing it as a sweater, but I'll also be able to wear a shell under it and have it open.

That it's done is a major accomplishment for me. A steeked cardigan was something I had never attempted before, nor knitting an entire garment in lace weight yarn. I am very very pleased with the results.

It's in a bath right now, soaking away contentedly. I'll block it tonight and buy the hook and eyes tomorrow. If it dries in time, I might even be wearing it on Monday.

Here are the pics of how I applied the front bands and hid the steeked edges, and a shot of it before going into the drink.

Front band, right side of garment

Front band, inside of garment, edge whipstitched down

Sandwiching the steeked edge between the front band folds

Pre-soak. I love it.

I loved this pattern so much that I am going to order another round of skeins for it and knit it as a sweater, no steek. I won't have the contrast color stripe this time, it will be a single heathered color.

Thank you, KnitPicks, Allison Backus, and Kelley Petkun, for a great pattern, yarn, and knit-along.


Kim said...

Did you use two strands of yarn for your classic lines cardigan or just one? It looks great!

DragonsChest said...

I used two strands of the main color throughout, and then added the third strand in the round with the contrast color added in. :)