Saturday, January 8, 2011

Moving on

Since the Classic Lines Cardigan is finished, it's time to move on. Next on the needles is the Bonnie Kate Cardigan by Erica Jackofsky, available through KnitPicks. I chose KnitPicks Simply Cotton Worsted in Duchess Heather.

First swatch is washed and in the dryer, then I'll see how the initial usage of size 6 needles works out. I'm using needles from the Denise interchangeable set my friends Dana and Roger bought me for my last birthday - first time to use them for an entire sweater. So far so good! I'd never used Denise needles before, being a mostly KnitPicks harmony wood/metal needle kind of gal, but the Denise's are very nice. No snagging along the needle/cord join, and they feel comfy in my hands. Bodes well, indeed!!

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