Sunday, February 13, 2011

50% + 50% = 50%

Because 50% of a pair of socks does not a full pair make. I have one full sock of the Koi Pond colorway (left) and one full sock of the Hedera pattern (right, which I love, btw) complete, but since they are from different pairs, I still don't have 100% done yet. ;)


Barby said...

I often find I have to move from project to project so i do not get bored. You amaze me with the number of things you finish. I wish I could say the same! I just bought sock yarn and a pattern, and am hoping to start and maybe even finish a whole pair of socks before , well, realistically, summer!

DragonsChest said...

Socks are fun! Just do a few rounds every evening and those puppies will be done in no time.

What yarn did you choose? What pattern?