Friday, March 18, 2011

And so life moves on

Since last reporting on my dad, things have happened. He recovered enough from the broken hip to go back to the rehab center. But after a few days, he began to decline, to exhibit signs of confusion and hallucinations. The staff wanted him to go again to the hospital for tests that they couldn't perform there.

Daddy did go to the hospital, and stayed there another week; he was just released back to rehab yesterday. We believe through all this that he is suffering from post-operative delirium. I've never seen him so weak, so unable to be the man I remember as being 10' tall and able to do absolutely anything. It's very sad and I'm sad for him. I'm also angry at the "way things are".

My brother and I, with help from my hubby, went interviewing long-term care facilities in OKC. We found two we liked very much, but we just don't know how he can swing it on his monthly retirement income. I cannot believe how expensive this type of setting is. It's unfreakingbelievable. $4,500/month and that's just room and board really. There are so many incidentals that aren't covered. How in the world are people supposed to actually be able to afford this?

Anyway, hubby and I are headed back to OKC tomorrow to tour more facilities, and to start packing away Daddy's life. He has a one bedroom apartment at an independent living center, but he can't live there anymore. Daddy must have the level of care that a long-term home provides. There are a few things that both my brother and I know we'll take from his apartment, but the rest.....I guess it can just go into storage. Or maybe be purchased by an auction house. The balance of Daddy's life in a few boxes.

This entire experience is really souring me on the prospect of growing old. It doesn't look to be much fun. There must be a better way, an alternative. I'd like to speak to the Entity in Charge and lodge a serious complaint.


Kimberlee said...

That just sucks. Good luck finding a good facility. What about medicaid?

DragonsChest said...

Medicaid is not an option for anyone whose gross monthly income is over $2,022.00.


Barby said...

I am so sorry you have to go through all this. The packing up part is especially not fun. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I guess he had no long term care insurance? Double check his important papers - there might be something like that. Good luck

DragonsChest said...

My brother and I haven't found any long term care papers yet. I think my dad didn't think he'd need it with his three retirement checks and savings. Due to circumstances, he no longer has his savings, and the retirement income is almost not enough. We're working on other avenues, though.

Thank you all for your good wishes - we need them!