Monday, May 16, 2011

Round the bend

We've gone round the bend on the landing railings! Katie's boyfriend Dillon was over for dinner tonight, and he helped Richard with some of this install. It's very entertaining to listen to the menfolk discuss building stuff.

The plug holes on the newel posts will be primed and painted white, as well.

The top step has been installed. This took a bit of engineering magic, since the step it sits on was too wide. Richard built a frame and jutted the top step out so that each stairtread up the stair case is the same width. He also cleverly routed out the underside of the top step so that it sits flush to the landing flooring. There'll be no tripping or stubbing of toes on the transition from flooring to step. Clever lad!

The riser needs to be painted white, too.

The top step all finished with the decorative edge.

Only one more railing to put up now. :)

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