Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Huge changes

Big doin's coming up: we are moving to Virginia. A really marvelous opportunity came about for my Hubby, and we couldn't pass it up. House should be on the market in about a week or so. Daughter is set up to move into her apartment soon, she didn't want to leave Oklahoma. She's old enough to be on her own and is really looking forward to it. She also adopted a 10 week old black kitten with dappled marking on her back, named her Sonar (really big ears), Sony for short.

Hubby will start his job most likely before the house sells, so I'm planning on staying behind for a bit. If all goes well, we won't be separated for long.

So exciting, all these changes!!


Barby said...

I hope the move goes smoothly. Your timing is terrific - you waited until AFTER Hurricane Irene came through! please keep posting when you get your life back in order! Good luck and i hope the house sells quickly.

DragonsChest said...

Thank you Barby! We do have great timing. :)