Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So much going on

Since my last post the house has been put on the market and shown a handful of times. We've had two open houses, hopefully the one good lead from the last one will pan out. Our daughter is moved into her apartment and seems to love it. Hubby and I went to the UK for a week to celebrate his folk's 60th wedding anniversary. Hubby leaves tomorrow to go to Virginia for his new job and I'm staying behind. The house is already very quiet with our daughter gone, and now that it will be just me and the dogs, the quiet may turn to tomblike silence.

During all this I did finish all the baby knits in time to take to the UK with me, and I'm totally reknitting the baby hat that turned out to be way too small for my co-worker's squidlet. While in England I managed to knit past the heel of sock #1 I have in progress, and I'll get back to it when the hat is finished - again. lol

I am staying positive about the house selling, I have a good feeling that it won't be too much longer. The Universe has done a great job of providing the right things at the needed times all this year. Working on keeping that trend going. :)


Barby said...

I hope things move quickly with the house. it is no fun being away from the hubby for too long. Have you found a new house in VA yet? Good luck with all of it. I have moved far too many times in my adult life to say I like it, but it certainly is an exciting time! keeping you in my thoughts.

DragonsChest said...

Thanks, Barby! Have we found a house yet? Yeah! Lots of them, just can't move on any of them until this one sells. Ah well, it will happen. :)