Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This last weekend was absolutely wonderful.  Friday night we had our deck party, and about 20-25 folks showed up, a very nice mix of peeps.  It stopped raining so we could go out on the deck, even if the chairs and all were sopping wet.  Lots of food, drinks, laughs!

Then Saturday we went to a friend's house and enjoyed kabobs, a variety of mixed drinks, and a taco seasoning dip that was amazing.  Finally got to see the new Star Trek-Into Darkness movie.  Saw it in 3D, and it was fantastic.  Just the right amount of 3D effects and all.  Good plot line, full of action and sprinkled with ST humor.

Sunday we had our normal brunch at our local pub.  Did a bit of housework, not much, and then decided to try something we've never done before:  take our black lab to our pub and sit outside to watch the world go by.  She was such a good girl!  There was a bit of barking at another dog, but other than that, she was friendly to folks who wanted to pet her and didn't freak out by her surroundings.

Did a little bit of knitting, and finished the decreases on the second piece of the Regatta Tee, now it's straight knitting for a while, then the matching increases.  :)

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