Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quiet descends.....

It's now just back to Hubby and me.  The in-laws went home last night to the UK.  While I do enjoy having them visit, it's always nice to get our house, routine, and lives back.   They won't be making the trip back this direction again, as it's becoming very difficult on them.  Their health isn't what it used to be.  Not surprising, as my FIL turns 90 this month.  Next spring, we'll go to them, I think.

The Regatta Tee, second half, is coming along nicely.  Probably won't have much time to knit on it this week, tho, as we have to go shopping tonight for our upcoming deck party this Friday, have trivia on Wednesday night, and we have to clean house on Thursday before the party.  Whew.  Getting tired just reading that.


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