Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wacky Christmas hat

My work is having a Wacky Christmas hat contest, and it took me forever to figure out what I wanted to create and enter. Finally, the Muse of Quirkiness smacked me up side the head and viola!

It's a combination of assorted sizes of aluminum baking pans hotglued together, Hershey Almond Kisses and Miniatures hotglued on the outside, a festive curley que bow, with candy canes hanging around the brim. Since I work for Information Technology (IT), and no IT person is proof against Chocolate, I just know that my hat will do well in the competition. And even if it doesn't, we can all take solace at the end of the voting by ripping the chocolates off the hat and consuming them. Yum!

Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

CannyCat said...

LOVE that photo! Muah ha ha ha!