Saturday, December 1, 2007

Yarn and Tunes

Skin of the Sea wip1
Skin of the Sea wip1,
originally uploaded by DragonsChest.
The Indian Cross Stitch knits up quickly, really. And once I got the hang of slipping the long stitches over each other, it's not horribly difficult.

On other matters, my hubby just bought a new toy: a Rowe AMI CD100F Venus Caliente jukebox. He's been merrily cleaning, scrubbing and polishing, and is now engrossed in deciding which CDs to keep (it came preloaded with 100) and which ones to discard. We have quite a selection of our own, so many of them will be added. He bought software to print the playlists and photo paper to print the CD covers and lists on. Hubby is a happy boy indeed.

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