Sunday, November 25, 2007

A'swatching we will go

Now that my daughter's Skull Illusion Scarf is finished, the swatching for Ilga Lega's Skin of the Sea vest began. I choose a different colorway from the example, which was a beautiful play of blues, and went with an equally gorgeous yarn in Amethyst Woolie Silk by Fleece Artist. This time, I really wanted to do it up right, and start with the swatch. Normally, I hate to swatch, hate it. I do understand the reasoning behind swatching for gauge, and it's completely valid, but I hate to waste the yarn and the time. Ah well, I swatched, and I'm pleased. Tomorrow when it's dry the measuring will take place, and I'll see how far off gauge I am.

Trust the Swatch. Believe the Swatch. The Swatch is good.

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Lieke said...

What a lovely pattern!

I hate swatching as well. I try to do it for sweaters, but most of the times, the swatch isn't big enough and I end up frogging anyway.

I never swatch socks. I measure gauge after they are washed and worn. Okay, I ended up with some really tight socks (have to yank them on) but well, at least they stay on my feet!