Saturday, November 3, 2007

Linen stitch and Smidge

This may be one of the coolest stitches I've learned to date. To me, it honestly looks like it's been woven. It lays flat, is a dense tight knit, and is pleasing to the eye. I find it a bit difficult to stay in rhythm with the alternated slip/knit, though, and if I get distracted, I have to look back and figure out where I am. (I don't have this trouble with slipped stitches on sock heels -- huh.)

And look how autumn-like this yarn is! Gorgeous. Like leaves piled up in the yard waiting for the kids to jump in them, green against gold next to red melting into chestnut. Ahhhhh.

Now, on to an update about the Mystery Stole 3 - Swan Lake. I had to put it aside when we began the Downstairs Beautification Project. Since we're done with that, you'd think I would have pulled it out again and finished it up. I am very close to being done. Uh no. Not yet. I'm experiencing a lack of umph, a crisis of interest, and that's very disturbing. This is a Christmas gift, and that's next month. Ack! I must finish it, most of me wants to finish it, but a part of me just wants to move on.

I've learned a very valuable lesson -- when it comes to KALs, I need to be sure I can knit on the project along with everyone else. I must be one of the only folks who signed up for this who is still not done yet. *sad face* I don't like being the slow bee. So this is me, giving myself the proverbial kick in the kiester to get myself in gear again.

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