Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mystery Stole 3 - Swan Lake

The pre-soaked pre-blocked stole, all scrunchy and bunchy:

Here it is, taking a swim in a lovely lukewarm bath:

After that I squashed it carefully between towels. Then it was pinned out on the bed.

I keep going into the bedroom to look at it laying there, petting it, telling it how pleased I am with it. This is my most detailed and challenging work to date. Yep, there are mistakes in there, some I was able to fix and others that I couldn't. I jumped into the frog pond once or twice and ripped back rows, only to make new mistakes as I forged onward. But that was okay. It was a learning and growing experience, I tell ya! But on the whole, this is a piece of lacework I will be proud to gift at Christmas.

61 inches x 21 1/2 inches (appr)
Pink Lemon Knits pattern, Swan Lake (Mystery Stole 3)
Fearless Fibers Laceweight 100% Merino Wool, Spring Breeze, 2 ply
2 skeins used, 820 yards
US 4 circular needles, KnitPick Options
8/0 beads, opalescent white
Metal crochet hook, 13/14 US, 0.90 mm


Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

Wow you are one awesome knitter, if I am real nice to you will you makeme a stole is really beautiful. Congrats! Stacy

DragonsChest said...

Thank you, Stacy! Might have to wait awhile for a stole - my queue overfloweth. LOL