Friday, November 23, 2007

Yarn... see it, love it

Finally, a post that has actual yarn in it!!! I know you were all beginning to think that a horrible yarn incident had occurred in the house, but all is well.

First, my daughter's Skull Illusion Scarf. Since these were taken, I've knitted about another 12-13 inches of plain black/red garter stitch.

Next is the Smidge I made for one of the ladies at work. It's a seed stitch with buttons I made from purple polymer clay. They've been sewn on since then.

And here's a little teaser of the Smidge that is destined for my soul sister.

You can't see the illusion knitting in this picture, so it's safe to post. I don't want her knowing what the illusion is until she gets her pressie!

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