Sunday, March 30, 2008

House clean, in-laws arrived, here we go!

I took Friday the 28th off to clean the house before my in-laws from England arrived on Saturday the 29th. I turned on the jukebox, chose a bunch of songs, cranked it loud, and went to town on the dust and dirt. When I was done, the house gleamed. Also hoovered and mopped the new wood floor for the first time, and it came up a treat.

The in-laws arrived early Sat evening, tired from the long trip, but in good spirits. Since the Son is away at college, and the Daughter was spending the night with a friend, it was just us'ns and them'ns. It's been very nice and low key.

Today's weather is more like what they left behind in jolly olde England, chilly, wet, and rainy, than the nice Oklahoma weather they were hoping for. Not to worry, the weather around here changes at the drop of a low-pressure system, so they'll get their sunshine before they head home.

On the knitting front: nice progress has been made on both stoles, Wings of a Dream for the Daughter, and Twinings for me. I have begun the main body pattern that will go up to the armpits on Cobblestone Pullover for the Son. I owe you all pictures.

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