Monday, March 3, 2008

Yarn pics!

Finally, I have managed to get a few pics of the progress on Cinnabar Pullover, my latest knitting love. The color is pretty close in this pic, so that makes me smile. I blocked the front and back, to make it easier to get an idea of the sizing. Perfecto!! It's been sewn at the shoulder seams, with the front lying on top of the back in this pic.

I'm lovin' the placket thing that's going on. I don't have the buttons picked out yet, in fact, I have no idea what kind of buttons I want. They need to be smallish, though.


Mary Jo said...

Beautiful color, & nice work on the plackets. How many buttons does it need?

DragonsChest said...

Thank you!! I made six buttonholes, although the pattern called for 7,8, or 9.

My gauge was a teensy bit off on the placket, so I adapted the number of buttons needed to still keep the placket in line with the rest of the sweater.