Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wherein the second story landing becomes stylish

Our second story comprises of a landing, the kids rooms, and their shared bathroom. It also has the most god-awful carpet, which we've wanted to change out for the longest time. This past week or so, we made the start, and tonight finished the landing floor. We choose Darlington in Light Oak. When we have saved enough, we'll take this into each of the kid's rooms (pulling up their horrid carpet), and then redo their bathroom. We're talking about a long term project here.

(See how the stairs are all messed up and look like a giant leopard has been gnawing on them? It's the result of our little five pound kitty, who refuses to be trained NOT to sharpen her claws on the rough cedar wood. When we replace the staircase with light oak wood, we're hoping that the smooth surface of it will be unappealing to her and she'll leave it alone. If she doesn't, we'll have to look into getting claw sheaths put on, and she'll have to be an indoor kitty. And yes, she ignores the scratching post slathered with catnip and goes straight to the stairs. Grrr.)

Back to the project. It's a snap and lock system of planks, and boy, does it go in nicely. Hubby did a lot of research online before choosing this kind of flooring, and learned as much as he could about the tricks and tips on how to lay it. He's pretty nifty like that.

This is the real color of the floor.

This is redder that it really appears.

We put in white baseboards, as well. We love how it makes the floor color "pop".

New tv stand, surprise on sale at Walmart.

Old tv stand, now fullfilling its destiny as the computer center. This nasty chair will be replaced soon. Very soon, I hope.

There's the parakeet, Whitey, in the corner; she's about 11-12 years old and shows no signs of falling off her perch in the near future. She's registered her approval of the new flooring by molting on it and kicking out old seed husks. Yay. And that's the yarn stash in the three wicker basket thingy. Each basket is chockerblock full of yarn. I just wish that I had the time to knit it all up. *sad face*

And finally, one of our coolest bits of home improvement that doesn't cost an arm and a leg:

This used to be a plain dark colored interior door. Then, presto change-o! Using the mad skills we're gleaning from the HGTV channel (addicted to those shows), we (and by we, I mean Hubby**), did arcane measurement magic on the doors, took everyday cheap moulding, mitered the edges and created the panelled look on a flat door. Apply wood glue and a nail gun, judicious caulking and priming/painting, and you have a lovely door for a fraction of the price of a new replacement door. The other two doors off the landing are getting the same treatment.

** I must say that while Hubby does do all the power tool work, and is the brains behind our projects, I am indispensible to him as his chief "holder of this", "go getter of that", and "does that look level/straight to you?" gal, and am fully involved with all aspects of any of our redecorations. Thank you.

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Mary Jo said...

Looks great! CErtainly no time to get bored with this project!