Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cabled Shrug, Socks

The Cabled Shrug I've been working on is finished and blocking. Final dimensions came out to 18" x 33". The underarm seams will be about 9". The Saxon Braid was repeated five times.

I took this week off, it's Spring Break, and although my kids have this time off too, I'm pretty much on my own since they have their own stuff they're up to (son in Madrid, daughter off around town with friends), so I've decided to finish up the current Bus Socks in the next few days. The heel is getting close on Sock #2, so this deadline is very doable.

I had to start the second sock three times before I got it right for the stripes to match up, but I'm pleased that I took the effort.

I've had a few texts from my son and his girlfriend from Madrid. They're having a marvelous time, as to be expected, and all is well.

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Catherine said...

Wow, those cables are stunning!