Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am happier than I look.....

Sorry, but God never intended to have pictures of my image taken. I simply cannot do a posed picture. Snap me while I'm acting normal, and you'll more than likely get a decent picture, or at least one that makes you guffaw out loud. But pose me, tell me to smile, and you'll either get a toothy sick cat grin, or what you see here in this photo, a half smile, a Mona Lisa wannabe.

I'm very happy with the way the Shrug came out, really I am. It fits wonderfully, is exquisitely soft, and the cables are just what I wanted. The smile? Not so much. Please to be moving along to a better shot of the back.

Boy, did I miscalculate on the underarm seam length! Originally I seamed it at 9" on each side, and then discovered that there was now a physical impossibility to donning my new shrug. Unseamed it back to only 4" on each side, and was quite able to slip my arms into the resultant openings.

The mystery of short row heels strike. The left sock was short row heel #1. I was very pleased with it, thinking I had the procedure down. Fast forward to the right heel, short row heel #2. I YouTubed Cat Bordhi's instructions again, just like I did for #1, followed said instructions, yet lo and behold: no matchy!

What did I do wrong? I don't really know, in fact I'm not sure I didn't do #1 wrong and #2 is the better one. #2 feels better, fits better, to my eye, looks better. Oh well, in the overall scheme of things, I'm quite pleased, and will continue working on perfecting the short row heel when I use self-striping yarns. Can't get better if I don't practice, hmmm?

Those black feet belong to our Labrador, Jet, and the frisbee is her favorite outdoor toy. I'm the one in the middle.


Lieke said...

Those are some lovely FO's

DragonsChest said...

Thank you!!

The Knifty Knitter said...

I love the shrug. Cables are my favorite :)