Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

It's over. Kaput. Finished. Gone. Gone faster than I wanted. On Wednesday of Spring Break my poor Hubby got sick, progressing from merely "flem-y" and congested, to seriously trying to hack up a lung or two. And doesn't he only come with two? I believe most folks need them, Hubby included. He went to his primary care physician Friday morning, got medicine, and resumed his position of curled up on the couch, hacking, snorting, sneezing, and moaning.

In the middle of Hubby's sickyness, on Friday, our son and his girlfriend came back from Madrid. I've never seen two more happier young people! They had a marvelous time, saw so much beauty and history, had a total blast, and handled everything on their own. I'm very proud of them.

But on Saturday, not only did Hubby begin to get worse, but Roger became ill with the 24-hour crud. You know the kind: you tend to sleep in the bathroom for expediency's sake, your toenails migrate off your feet, and even water makes you upchuck. Thankfully, it did only last 24 hours, and today he and Chelsea drove back to Norman for college to start up again tomorrow. Oh! Oh! Roger brought back goodies. He brought his sister a beautiful black fringed shawl with white embroidery, himself a few bits and bobs, and although he wasn't supposed to worry about me, he did anyway! Yay! He brought me back a tiny jar of Azafran, or safflower, spice. I will have to look up a few recipes to see how to use this spice, as I really haven't a clue.

And Hubby? I took him to the urgent care clinic today because he got in a situation where he couldn't stop coughing, and then began not being able to breathe. Breathing is good, and he missed it. He got a breathing treatment, an anti-b shot in the bo-heiny, and a stint on oxygen. He felt better after that, and was able to stop coughing. Tests showed he didn't have pneumonia again, and the flu swab came back negative. Doc said Hubby should give himself a few more days to recover, so Hubby will be in bed when I go back to work tomorrow. Which is a good thing, because he's still hacking, and his co-workers probably would prefer he stay the hell away.

All in all, half my Spring Break and all my weekend took place in Casa de Plagueness, but it was still okay. I got a little knitting in, lots of NCIS reruns, and feel pretty rested. I think I could get used to being off work though (read, retired) and wish the lottery pool I'm in at work would hurry up and hit the big one.

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Jennifer said...

Can I be in your lottery pool?? Mine has no luck but bad!! :-)