Monday, March 8, 2010

It's a small world

My express bus #909 and the other express bus #902 had to merge one of their routes because the City of Tulsa is broke, and they want to cut costs. This is not a bad thing, the merging of routes. I don't mind a full bus, it doesn't take a lot of room to knit socks.

The nifty part is it actually turned out that one of the ladies from the #902 route now riding on the #909 saw me knitting and asked if I was on Ravelry, because she is - how cool is that?! So here's a shout out to KnittedZebra! Hey girl - see ya on the bus!


The Knifty Knitter said...

How funny and cool!

Knitted Zebra said...

Hi there! I recognize those Bus Socks VII on one of your posts! Looking great!

DragonsChest said...

I'm on the home stretch now of #2 Bus Sock VII. :)