Sunday, October 24, 2010

The destruction begins

Our upstairs Jack-n-Jill bathroom is in dire need of renovating. It's got mold, mildew, and leakage beyond belief. I heard water from the tub dripping onto the ceiling while I was in the kitchen, downstairs. It's a wonder the tub hasn't fallen through the flooring to place a direct order in the kitchen.

Yesterday we began the demolition. Today neither hubby nor I could move, we're so sore and stiff. I look like an 80 year-old hobbling around, making the same sounds, too. God it's sad, I'm only 47.

The last pic is of our son's room -- we decided to take the opportunity of having a dumpster on the driveway for the bathroom to pull up the carpet in his room (he's away at college), so that we could put in wood flooring.

Expecting the new tub and surround, toilet, sheetrock, backerboard for the tiles, and 2x4x6's to be delivered on Tuesday.

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Barby said...

Good luck! I love the photos. My hub and I have done this on a couple of bathrooms, so I feel your pain! It will be so wonderfully satisfying when it is done.