Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Jaws of Destruction strike again

About two years ago we adopted a loveable softhearted soppy creature in the shape of a female black lab. Her name is Jet, and she's a sweetie. A sweetie with one character flaw (well, there's another one that's out of her control: she's highly "aromatic" at the back end). Her flaw? She seems to have an aversion to the printed word.

Hubby gets home from work today, calls me and asks if there were any patterns that I really wanted to use in the knitting magazine I had been looking at. Yes, I answer, there were quite a few, why? ~knowing in my heart of hearts what it was but employing knitterly denial and hope~ Because, he says, Jet ate it.

Yep, this is what's left of the Interweave Knits Fall 2007 issue:

"I'm really sorry, Mom."

"Really, I am."

It's not like we don't have toys galore for her littering the house. Oh no. Those aren't nearly as attractive, because they're what she's supposed to be munching on, oh no, she'd rather shred the jukebox manual Hubby left on the couch a month ago, or the family package of toilet rolls left on the stairs, or my KNITTING MAGAZINE!!! Grrr.


Spooky is not amused by the fuss, nor the mess. I'm sure she'll swat Jet at some time or other as Jet walks by, just to put her in her place.

Now for a knitty inspired pic. It's the first short row heel I've ever done, and I'm not pleased with this side of the sock, although the other side is a thing of beauty.

Why do the stitches look like that? The other side is smooth, and the stitches blend in nicely. I've decided not to frog it back and redo, since I'll have another chance to get it right on Sock Numero Dos.

Tonight I will cast on for the Wings of a Dream, the Swan Lake - Mystery Stole 3 double winged version. I finally got black beads to go with the black baby alpaca laceweight.

Sparkly, no? :)


CannyCat said...

Hi DC!

If you SSK2tog instead of k2tog on the "bumpy" side, it will be smooth.

SSK (Slip-Slip-Knit) turns the stitches around so the bumpy bit is on the inside :o)

DragonsChest said...

Cool, thanks! I'll give that a try on Sock #2.