Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stripes galore

My Sassy Stripes Socks knit from Cascade yarn are done, and I am more than pleased. See the stripes, love the stripes, BE the stripes.

** On another note, my very first pair of socks knit about a year ago finally produced a hole in the heel. I've worn them a lot, so it wasn't really disappointing. Out came the darning needle, the leftover yarn, and a sad sock was made glad again. **

Here are the pics of the 3 Scarflets in Progress. I'm using leftover sock yarn from Fearless Fibers. Since they haven't been blocked yet, they're kinda limp and lifeless. For now. The stitch is very simple, three rows garter/one row YO K2T, and with size 10 needles, it's a pretty fast knit. Almost half done with #2, and #3 will be in a blue colorway.

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