Sunday, January 20, 2008

A little knit, a little frog

So, ended up that I had to frog the work done on Wings of a Dream. As I was only seven rows into it, the wailing and gnashing of teeth was kept to a minimum. I'm finding this misti alpaca to be ever so soft, but ever so difficult to see what stitch is what. Tried knitting with thread? This feels like it.

Progress has begun on the second sock that I'm knitting with short row heels. While I don't need a pattern anymore for a basic sock incarnation, I did (and do) have to refer to the short row instructions because I haven't worked those enough to be confident. I also decided to throw a trio of cables onto the top of the sock down to the toe for grins and giggles, no pattern involved.

On the Twinings Stole front, about five rows have been completed. This yarn is 100% silk, and it's like knitting with thread, too. Hopefully it will become more second nature as I get into it, but right now, I'm sure wishing for the laceweight merino the Swan Lake was knitted in.

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