Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Waiting for the post

The postman, that is. Last night's swatching was just a tad off, a stitch too much in the left to right gauge and two stitches less than needed in row height. But, employing my best knitterly denial, I forged ahead with my 10.5 bamboo straights, and by the end of the evening, had talked myself into thinking it was going to be okay. (come on, you all know you've done it too -- we knitters are very good at fooling ourselves!)

Yeah, well, I looked at it this morning and decided to be real. Using the 10.5's isn't matching the swatch gauge, which the pattern says is VERY important for the linen stitch part. Fast forward to the successful culmination of a trip to KnitPicks, and a set of harmony wood needles in size 11 is on the way.

I also decided that since the front and back are knitted identically up to the armhole shapings, both sides would be knitted at the same time on a 47" cable. Should be interesting.

**orb mapping in less than an hour**

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