Tuesday, January 22, 2008

O Happy Yarn Day!

It arrived! My Saltillo yarn from Fearless Fibers (check out Deb's blog in the link to the left) swooped in on little USPS wings today for my Cinnabar Pullover. The yarn is gorgeous. I've been swatching the linen stitch, and it looks like I'll need to use a larger needle than called for; the pattern said that might be the case. Saltillo is a mixture of all my favorite colors: amber, gold, umber, honey, bronze, copper ... Look how the linen stitch brings out its beauty:

Still not happy with the way the black laceweight alpaca is knitting up. It's not looking good for the lace's future as this stole. But yes, I'll still give it a shot for the first chart before chucking it out on its ear.

I am, however, feeling pleased with how the honey Claudia Silk is knitting up in the Twinings Stole.

The second cable sock is started, I knit on it here and there. Now that the Cinnabar pullover is started, the sock will probably take a back burner.

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